Apply for B.Sc. in Paramedical Sciences

In this era of preventive and curative medicine and rapid growth of medical technology we find the requirement of the knowledge and high end skills in the health care services.

In the present situation we see that the technicians are either under qualified, diploma holders or lack the skills to cope with the blooming technology. The courses offered here provide the platform to fit into the systems and to grow in the knowledge as it guides to pursuit of excellence. It helps in raising the awareness for development and continuous learning

Not only does it lead to a fruitful career in medical excellence but it also opens up the way for master’s degree (MSc & PhD.). This course also helps the candidates to venture into the field of research and development.

Usually such technical course aren’t available in todays date in this Odisha and we at SOA University  have launched it for the first time. All these courses have been available only as a diploma degrees since the requirement bar has been raised the need for a bachelors degree in medical technology has emerged. This gives a bright scope and blooming future for technical professionals.

With the current health care industries hiring professionals in technical field this courses could offer the right candidates who would offer the right solution for the current medical requirements.