Library is also provides following services to the students, faculty and researchers of the SOA:

Acquisition Ordering Process for procurement of Books and Journals

  • Libraries of SOA receive online requisitions from Faculty, Students and Researchers for procurement of books and journals and process them online with the publishers and their agents and make them available at least cost of time.
  • To serve its undergraduate students, on an average 15000 new books required for all the undergraduate programs are added to University Libraries collection every year with a ratio of 1:4 (one book for 4 students).

Technical Processing - Technical Processing Section plays an important role in the library. It Classifies, Catalogues, displays, stacks and finally make them available for circulation

Circulation - Circulation section is the intermediary between users and documents. It performs issue, renewal, return of books using LibSys software. It also undertakes other jobs like membership registration, issue of no-dues certificate, overdue fine collection, book reservation, etc.

Reference Service - Reference section provides reference service to all academic staff, students and researchers of the SOA by answering their queries and provides required research books stacked in the section.

Book Bank - It consists of 3760 volumes of books with 98 numbers of unique titles. At present, there are 534 members, out of which 53 are SC/ST members. All the members are required to deposit Rs. 20.00 as registration fee. The students can issue 3 books per semester (6 months) by paying 15% of the cost of the book. SC/ST students can issue free of cost 3 books per semester.

Other Library Services - Library is also provides following services to the students, faculty and researchers of the SOA:

  1. User Orientation programs at regular intervals on use of Library, searching Library OPAC, E-Resources, etc.
  2. Providing manuscripts such as e-books, research papers, book chapters, thesis, etc. required by the faculty and students.
  3. Reference service / SDI Service on the topics of interest to students and faculty by utilizing the various resources subscribed by the Library as well as open internet resources.
  4. Bibliographical compilations on ongoing projects and research areas required by the students, researchers and faculty.
  5. An Institutional Repository of ITER, SOA has been created using DSpace and more than 1000 research papers of SOA have already been uploaded.
  6. Reprography
  7. New Arrivals
  8. User Education
  9. Alert Services