Institute of Dental Sciences


The department of Oral & Medicine is the first department a patient visits in the dental hospital. The department is consisting of two sub department in itself: Oral medicine and Oral radiology.

After a meticulous history taking session, careful examination of the oro-facial structures, and necessary clinical or radiographic investigations a diagnosis is made and a comprehensive treatment plan is formulated. Medical management of patients is done here and referral to other specialties is done according to requirements. The department has all the recent diagnostic aids and ensures international standards in diagnosis of the patients with diseases.

Here the patients are made aware about the benefits of maintaining a good oral hygiene and thereby preventing oral diseases. Awareness regarding Tobacco & related tissue habits as well as Oral Cancer is done here. Oral manifestations of systemic diseases and oral foci of infection causing systemic diseases are also identified and managed here. The department of Oral Radiology is next to Oral Medicine, consisting of intraoral and Extraoral radiography room and a dark room. With the introduction of advanced radiographic techniques and the incorporation of computers in the day to day functioning, use of projection slides; computerized images etc have rendered immense help in diagnosis and management of patients with accuracy. The Department now boasts of three radiograph machines along with an OPG machine with a cephalometry attachment, General body Radiography unit, Digital Radiography System, CR System etc. The department is also associated with CT & MR imaging at nearby SUM hospital. The follow up of cases is done routinely by the department with constant motivation and education which helps in maintenance of records as it is an important factor for any institution, and further helps for epidemiological studies.

Treatments offered

  • Medical management of orofacial pain and neuralgias.

  • Treatment of Potentially malignant disorders.

  • Management of orofacial infections.

  • Management of TMJ disorders.

  • Management of Xerostomia.

  • Treatment of vesiculobullous & ulcerative lesions.

  • Treatment of neuromuscular disorders

Undergraduate Training Program

The subject is taught in the third year and fourth year BDS involving didactic lectures and clinical postings. In Oral Diagnosis, patients seeking diagnosis and treatment of their dental problems, oral mucosal lesions, facial pain, TMJ disorders, and salivary gland disorders will be seen. During clinical posting, patients are allotted to students for taking case history, performing clinical examination and formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan under the able guidance of faculty members. They are also trained in taking intraoral radiographs and interpreting them. During the clinical postings, students are required to present a seminar using multi- media projector on the topic allotted. Students are also expected to complete assignment of 25 clinical problem-based exercises and 15 radiological exercises and submit to the department at the end of the postings.

Postgraduate Training Program

The department offers a postgraduate training course of three years. The course is designed to prepare students for a career in teaching and research in the specialty of Oral Medicine and Radiology by means of seminars, journal clubs and case presentations.

Objectives of Postgraduate Course in Oral Medicine and Radiology:

 At the end of three years of training, the candidate should be able to acquire adequate knowledge and skills pertaining to the discipline and inculcate the right attitude. Theoretical, clinical and practical knowledge of all oral and maxillofacial disorders, diagnostic procedures pertaining to them and the latest information of imaging modalities:

  • Diagnostic skills in recognition of oral and maxillofacial diseases

  • Skills to interpret and establish radiographic diagnosis

  • Research skills in handling scientific problems pertaining to oral diseases and their treatment

  • Teaching skills

  • Communication skill

Profiles of faculty members in Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology

Prof (Dr) Sanat Kumar Bhuyan
Professor & HOD

Dr Abhishek Ranjan Pati

Dr Basant Choudhury


Prof (Dr) Satya Ranjan Mishra

Dr Smita Rani Priyadarshini Reader

Dr Narattam Praharaj


Dr. Rajat Panigrahi

Dr Snigdha Sagar

Dr Rashmita Sahoo