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A multidisciplinary approach in dentistry has become the mainstay.

Department of Periodntology and oral Implantology enjoys its rightful place of pride. In contemporary dentistry department of Periodontics is called upon not only to treat people with periodontal problems like gingivitis and periodontitis, but to facilitate and make possible treatment in discipline like Prosthodontics, orthodontics and endodontics to name few.

The department of Periodontics at the Institute of Dental Science and Hospital is committed to academic excellence, providing optimal oral health care and high quality, state-of-the-art periodontal treatment along with oral health promotion and oral disease prevention. This encourages innovation in dental health care delivery to meet the changing dental needs of the people. These provide opportunities for concentrated learning and experience in the clinical specialty of Periodontics, as well as interaction with other clinical specialties. The department functions with a motto of “Prompt and wholesome patient care”

Treatment offered

  • Oral prophylaxis (Scaling and Root planing)

  • Polishing

  • Surgical procedures:

    • Gingivectomy

    • Periodontal flap surgery

    • Regenerative periodontal therapy(Bone Grafting)

    • Resective osseous surgeries( Ostectomy and Osteoplasty)

    • Mucogingival surgeries (Root coverage, Vestibular deepening, Frenal Correction)

    • Aesthetic periodontal procedures ( Smile Design, Depigmentation)

    • Microsurgery performed under loupes

  • Dental implants, LASER and Electro Surgery

  • Oral Hygiene Counseling

  • Tobacco Cessation Counseling

Undergraduate education in Periodontics

This program provides lectures, seminars, clinical experiences and clinical teaching in the last two years of the five year dental curriculum. Students are exposed to a wide range of patients with periodontal problems and all students get extensive clinical experience in nonsurgical and observation and assistance in surgical periodontal procedures.

Clinical practice is limited to observation and assistance at pre surgical and surgical procedures. Those interested in research will be able to collaborate in some of the ongoing research project in the section of Periodontics.

Postgraduate education in Periodontics:

The Post Graduate Course in the department of Periodontics provides the student to have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the periodontal diseases along with the historical background. The Department has all the latest equipments required for the modern treatment of periodontal diseases. The students will be trained to perform all kinds of periodontal surgical procedures under meticulous guidance from the faculty members. The post graduate students will present seminars as well as journal clubs attend national and state conferences, all of which will help them in understanding the history, the present scenario and the future possibilities in the specialization of Periodontics.

Profiles of faculty members in Department of Periodontics & Oral Implantology

Prof (Dr) Rinkee Mohanty
Professor & HOD

Dr. Abhaya Chandra Das

Dr Gatha Mohanty


Prof (Dr) Rashmita Nayak

Dr Manoj Kumar

Dr Sheetal Acharya


Prof (Dr) Anurag Satpathy

Dr Sourav Panda

Dr Utkalika Das